Time Capsule Concept

LOLLIPOP is a platform that saves your precious moments as colorful NFTs
and immortalizes them in the digital world.

Furthermore, these memories can be released to the world in limited numbers as art that cannot be duplicated.

Whether it’s a family photo, a child’s first steps, or a trip with a dear friend, you can preserve its value and save the cherished moments as YOUR own NFT.

You can save beautiful moments in your life, precious memories, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as digital art with LOLLIPOP.



Capture Your Memories
and Make Them Last


    transformation of your cherished moments into digital NFTs. Shape your memories at your fingertips through a simple 2 steps: snap and save as NFT!


    your cherished memories with the LOLLIPOP Time Capsule. Whether they're family snapshots, milestones, or unforgettable adventures, safeguard the essence of these moments by capturing them as NFTs, ensuring their everlasting value.


    your life's narrative with LOLLIPOP Time Capsule. Capture your precious memories and transform them into NFTs with unique value, preserving a significant part of your personal history.

      • Introduction of Time Capsule
      • Webpage Launch
      • LPOP 2nd Listing News
      Q4 2023
      • 2nd Listing of LPOP
      • Time Capsule App Launch
      Q1 2024
      • LPOP Token Integration
      • NFT Minting
      • NFT Trading
      Q2 2024
      • Stay Tuned!
      Q3 2024